Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Off we go on our Mediterranean trip!!

We left Adelaide on our Qantas/Emirates flight direct to Dubai. We were fortunate to be able to get a business class fare so we enjoyed this flight. This was a 777-300 aircraft and the three of us sat in a row.
Here are some pictures of Michael enjoying his seat 

The seat lies down and they give you a thin mattress to put down, with your pillow and blanket you are set for the night!!

Nice dinner too

On this overnight flight we received really nice amenity kits. There was a female version and a men's version. They included products from BVLGARI, the famous brand name and the whole lot came in really nice amenity bags that you can use again.....nice!!

Next leg of the trip is Dubai- Barcelona onboard an A380!! 
We are sitting in the business class lounge having breakfast while we wait to board, this place is huge and you board the flight directly from the lounge (as you told me Narelle)!

Now on board the A380......we boarded on level 2 of the plane, the business class cabin is set up different to others we have flown in. Each seat seems like a little cabin with its own storage and wet bar. Check out the photos below:

This flight is only 6 hours but it would have been good to try this one on an overnighter.
Next stop .....Barcelona!