Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trip Away!

We finally made it to the day of our departure for our trip.

The day prior to leaving was full of checking lists, packing and re-packing! Being an obsessive compulsive organiser, it was hilarious to get to the moment we were meant to walk out the door to go to the airport, suitcases and various smaller bags in hand, child packed, husband packed, house all secured and I find that I was leaving the house in my slippers!

Just goes to show that despite the OCD, you can never be too organised or too stupid! Not sure which one applies to me.....

Michael and Trevor settled in well on the plane although within a very short time of being on the jumbo, Michael asked "Are we there yet?". This was a continuing saga from this point on.....

8 hours later, we arrived in Singapore which was a relief.

We had the Transit Hotel booked so we could get washed up and rested before attempting the dreaded 12 hour flight to Rome. We got some dinner at Burger King then headed off to bed for a 3 hour nap before getting the wake up call which we all knew meant that the merry go round was about to begin again.

12 hours to Rome were really tough. Michael slept very little, was sick and did not like the food so you can imagine that we were also counting down the hours to our arrival in Rome.

We arrived in Rome finally and made it to our next departure gate without too much fuss which is very unusual!

After arriving in Cagliari to stay with the relatives, we spent a few days pottering around town and also spent a day in Alghero, a small beachside town in the north of Sardinia. On the way we stopped in a forest to look at the sceneary.

Alghero - It is the place to be apparently if you are a hollywood star or very wealthy person. We went by ferry to the very famous "Neputes Grottos"or in italian "Grotte di Nettuno". By foot, the grottos took nearly one hour to visit and were spectacular.

Michael enjoyed his gelato in a small gelateria which made the best ice cream locally!!

More coming soon including photos with relatives, our trip to Rome and visit to the Colosseum!!

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