Monday, December 12, 2011


Yesterday we docked in Wellington. In this port we decided to go ashore on our own and check out the city.
We were informed on the ship that the port authority had arranged for shuttle buses to take passengers from the ship to the city at a small cost. The port of Wellington is a working port but did have a cruise terminal of sorts which basically just had an information booth inside where we purchased our shuttle tickets and off we went. The shuttle driver was great informing us of places to see and explaining that the shuttles were operating all day on round trips back to the ship.

We got off in the city and walked around for an hour or so before getting on the shuttle again and then going to the next stop where we got tickets to get on the cable car that took us iup to a panoramic viewing area. We got some good shots there.
Wellington was a pretty city and is the capital of NZ. 430,000 people live there. One thing that we noticed is how clean and tidy the city is and of course how green it is. Considering that they must get a bit of rain because we have barely seen sunshine whilst we have been here!!
Some pictures of the scenery below.

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