Friday, February 22, 2013

Dreamworks Family Breakfast

Today we went to a Dreamworks Family Breakfast.
You have to book for these so be sure to book through Room Service or Guest Relations when you board as these book up fast.
We were lucky because on this cruise there are hardly any children so we got booked for the first one and with a few more to go on this cruise we may even get to go again. Each one on the cruise has different characters.
The way it works is that the breakfast is hosted in the main dining room and in a special section.
When you arrive and are seated you get your own special menu (see photo below).
You order your breakfast and then the Dreamworks characters come out and do a little dance before offering a photo opportunity with kids and adults too.
At our breakfast today we had characters from Madagascar....Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo and King Julien.
We attended with another family who we have met on thus cruise and all had a good time.
The experience is free so it's worth it if you have kids.

Check out the photos below. Some include our new friends Aiden and Kaitlin.

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