Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day 3 - Brisbane

Today we have arrived to a sunny day in Brisbane. 

As I took my morning walk, I noticed we are berthed at the grain terminal today.

Oh dear.....two days in and the ship needs more food....6 container loads 


Some passengers are disembarking today....some took a 2 night cruise from Sydney to Brisbane....what they generally call a 'cruise sampler'.....good for a try out if you are not sure if you will like cruising.


As I took my walk I was happy to see the port of Brisbane 'Port Security' boat keeping us safe (from all those Brisbane terrorists??).


Last but not least, as I was finishing my walk, a ship was sailing out..... 


You can take the girl out of the port authority but you can't take the port authority out of the girl!!

Today we head out off one cruise and onto another!!! We have been here before so today we have chosen and excursion on a river cruise, this way we can see the city from the riverside instead.....more to come

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