Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our last week in Sardinia

Well the last few days in Sardinia were a mad rush between seeing all our relatives and organizing everything for the next part of the trip.

We spent a day in Cagliari with an English speaking guide, kindly arranged by our cousin Graziella. This guide spent the whole day with us alone. We drove to Cagliari were we went on foot through the historic part of the city. Cagliari was built on the port as most Italian cities were and has thousands of years of history. Like most, it was built with city walls and a fortress high up on the hill to look out for invaders.

We took some fantastic panoramic shots from the top of the hill.We visited the Cathedral and saw some beautiful architecture.

We also visited Nora an ancient roman installation which still shows remains today.
I will write a separate post on this one, lots to tell!

We spent time with most relatives and took some shots for Michael to remember his time with his cousins.

More photos to come….
Next post, more on Rome and then our boarding of Grand Princess!

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