Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Visit to the ancient Roman ruins of Nora, near Cagliari, Sardinia

On our guided tour of Cagliari, we visited the ruins of Nora an ancient roman city near Cagliari.
This city is still half under water and half still remains to be excavated.
The ruins are 3000 years old and whilst many of the walls are only a few rows of bricks high, you can see how these people lived and ran their lives.
The Romans were smart people... even 3000 years ago they had plumbing, heating and had devised many things that even in the most recent centuries have not been made available to developing countries.
I have put together a small slide show of some of our shots of these ruins. Later in our trip we visit Pompeii which was also a Roman city (as you all know it was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius). Pompeii is of course far better preserved due to the volcanic ash but you will see the similarities.

Michael said "Oh no, not another ruin!" but he managed to get through this tour OK.

Next post, more about our time in Rome then our embarkation on the lovely "Grand Princess

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