Monday, January 16, 2017

Picton, New Zealand

Today we are in Picton, New Zealand, a town in the heart of Marlborough wine country.
We have chosen to go on an excursion to a chocolate factory, a brewery and a world war I aviation museum. A strange combination but a lovely way to see the countryside too.

It's very rare that we have been here and been met by sunshine but today we are in luck, a beautiful summer's day, sunny and 23 degrees!
Here is the view from our balcony.


We met in the princess theatre to await our tour group to be called and at about 0830 we set off with our small group on a mini bus to our first stop the chocolate factory where we bought two small boxes of chocolate for $42, expensive but yummy and of course aiding the local economy.

After this quick stop we headed off to a local micro brewery where our group got to taste a number of boutique beers.


Then off to a tour of an aviation museum that houses World War I planes, some real, some replicas. Our guide was very informative about the aircraft and the war in general.
Here are some photos

A plane crashed into a tree 
 The red baron's plane
A scene depicting the demise of the Red Baron at the hands of the Australians.
A good excursion.
We returned back to the ship in time for lunch and some relaxation on board before we sail to Wellington tonight.

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