Thursday, October 3, 2013

A quick look at the changes on Sun Princess since the recent refurbishment

We took a long walk to check out the new features on the ship since the recent dry dock.
Here is the International Cafe on deck 5 this was previously a cafe also but did not have food selections as it does now. The food is changed a few times a day to suit breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. 
They serve really nice panini and croissants filled with goodies and they toast them on the spot for you so they are lovely for a quick snack. This is included in your fare.
Here is the breakfast selection.....

The seating area has been refurbished too with comfy chairs and couches. This area is hard to get a seat on this cruise!
The passenger demographic is largely elderly people. Probably less than 100 in my age group (40) so many of the passengers tend to hang out here most of the day rather than on deck there are many mobility impaired passengers on board too. 
Back to the cafe, the coffee is great. Really nice cappuccino and hot chocolates! I really like that Princess provides table service in their coffee venues. Royal Caribbean should consider this Their coffee venues are awful. You have to line up for  ages for take away coffee in cardboard cups. Somehow coffee is not the same that way... 

After a lovely cappuccino, Trevor and I ventured out to deck 7 where you can walk around  the deck. We took some photos of the tender vessels heading ashore. 
Then we checked out the new Sushi Bar. I took a photo of the menu for those of you who might be interested.
If anyone would like to see any other areas just comment on the blog and I will check it out for you....

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The 7 Dwarfs said...

Followed your link from Cruise Critics, thank you for your informative blog posts. We have just booked a cruise on this ship for next year :)