Saturday, October 12, 2013

Verdi's Pizzeria Deck 8, midship

Today we had lunch at Verdi's Pizzeria on deck 8. This is included in the cruise fare so worth a try.
You can also ask for these pizzas from room service but there is a $3.00 delivery charge in that case.
Anyway, you can pick from their menu or order your own style pizza.
The first time we dined there, we had a pizza made with bocconcini mozzarella and it was yum! Nothing like fresh bocconcini on a pizza as it melts creamy.
Today we ordered our pizzas and mine tasted very salty. I think there is something about the American mozzarella. They assured me there was no other kind of cheese on it.
Anyway Trevor ordered a ham and capsicum pizza (had to order this as ham and bell peppers as the Americans don't call it capsicum).
Anyway when the pizza arrived it had only capsicums on it with no ham. The waitress took it back and returned in a flash after dumping cold ham on top and bringing it straight back.
At this point Trevor gave up.
We were going to leave as we don't like to complain but one of the waitresses came up (not the original waitress) and asked how the pizzas were. When we explained she immediately offered to have another pizza made, we didn't want any  fuss but she insisted. We also asked her to ensure that only mozzarella cheese was used. Anyway the replacement pizza came out looking awfully white......lots of cheese, capsicum and ham cooked in but no pizza sauce!! Who makes a pizza with no sauce? When the waitress came back we were laughing at our fortune and she couldn't believe it! She says they took her literally when she asked for 'only mozzarella cheese'!
She went away and asked for yet another pizza to be made!! This was getting ridiculous. We were getting embarrassed at this point. The manager came around to apologise blaming the loud music playing in  the atrium for the mistakes.
When the next pizza came it was fine and Trevor ate the whole thing!
It was a funny episode.
My view is, when they get it right, their pizza is really nice, not sure why their cheese sometimes tastes very salty which has ruined the pizza for me a couple of times......has anyone else experienced this? 
We did not want to be difficult but this lunch experience got all too hard!!
Anyway I would suggest you try it out if you come on the Sun Princess. You have nothing to lose and you may like it.
Their pizza dough makes great crust, thin, crispy and authentic.

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