Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tomorrow Lombok, Indonesia

On the second night after dinner we went to a comedy show. It was a comedian called Mike Harris. The show was funny and worth a look for a chuckle for an hour or so. 

We are again at sea today. We have had good seas for the last few days luckily. Weather is getting warmer and more humid (not my favourite!).
Tomorrow we arrive in Lombok, Indonesia. Lombok is a tender port. We are not going ashore tomorrow. 
Last night was formal night. We have three on our cruise.
Interesting combination of dress. Trevor, my husband, was concerned as he cannot wear a tie and thought it would be a problem. He wore his suit but with no tie. Well, we saw all sorts of dress from topcoats with tails, suits with and without ties and just slacks and shirts with no tie for men. Clearly there are many problems however you choose to dress. We like to observe the dress code when we can and if we don't want to then we will go to the buffet or have dinner in our suite.  Women have far more choices......
After dinner, Trevor and I went to a show in the Princess Theatre. It was a broadway style show with singing and dancing called 'Piano Man'. A tribute to great piano men like Billy Joel, Elton John and Barry Manilow. The show only went for 30 minutes but was good entertainment. If you have never been on a cruise and are considering it, I recommend you go to the shows. Remember the entertainment is included in your fare so why not? How many of us have time when we are at home to go out to shows? I know we don't. We tried a yummy mocktail called Chococobanana at the show too. Yum!

Today I went to the Lotus Spa and had my hair done. I like to try our the salon on ships. I rarely get time at home to spend hours in a salon to get the full treatment so I did this today. I had a head of highlights done, cut and blow dry for $205. It took over 2.5 hours. Not bad price considering you are at sea and they could charge the earth if they wanted to!!
I enjoyed the scalp massage too.
Trevor and Michael are going tomorrow to have haircuts too...

Trevor is off shortly to go to a wine tasting. 

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