Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sterling Steakhouse 'Surf and Turf'

Tonight we went along to the steakhouse again for dinner and had 'Surf n Turf.
There is an additional charge for this meal on top of the $20 cover charge. It costs an additional $10 as you also get a lobster tail with it.
The lobster tail looks fancy but really is about 4 bites of lobster worth having for a treat. They serve it with drawn butter and the waiter removes it from the shell for you. 
The meal is a filet mignon and lobster tail with all the usual side dishes. If you prefer another cut of meat they will serve whatever you want.
I chose to have the rib eye with mine.
Here is a picture I took of the meal before we added gravy and side dishes.
We enjoyed this meal although I can never finish the whole steak and can never fit in dessert! I even had a light lunch and still struggled!
Hope you all enjoy it also if you travel on the Sun Princess. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Daley Family,
I am enjoying reading your blog and looking at all the pictures. Since seeing your pictures of the 'new' Sun Princess I booked a cruise on her to have a look at the ship and try out the new features. I have only sailed Princess and P&O so I must give RC a try after reading all the positive comments from people on CC.