Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sea days on board Sun Princess...

We have three sea days until we reach Indonesia, the port of Lombok.
On the first night on board we were informed that we had an offer of a complimentary dinner in the steakhouse onboard, we took up the offer and had a very nice meal there. The meat is of top quality and always well prepared. The service there is impeccable.
On the evening we left Fremantle we had some rough seas and some rocking on the ship. Michael, our 9 year old, was feeling sea sick. The next morning he was very sick and ended up visiting the medical centre on board to get an injection of Phenergan (not sure of spelling?). After a long sleep he soon perked up and later that day he was eating again and feeling much better. So day one was a write off for us as we spent the day in our suite, we watched DVDs with Michael and had our meals brought in. It was relaxing. This is where having a mini suite or suite really pays off. Imagine  being stuck in a smaller cabin all day, the three of us! Having  the balcony also offers the option for fresh air even if we have to stay in. If you can get a good sale fare a mini suite or suite, they are really worth it for the space especially if you have children and don't fancy roaming the ship all day. Later that evening we ventured out for dinner in the dining room with Michael now feeling better. 
The meals were very nice, selection was less than I remembered and I think Royal Caribbean has more selection on their menus. Nonetheless we found something that we all enjoyed and had lovely service. Our waiters were very nice and we got a lovely table for four overlooking the ocean. We are allocated first sitting for dinner so that means we need to be there at 5.45pm each night. I wish Princess would introduce anytime dining here in Australia as they do elsewhere. It is really handy to be able to dine at a time that suits you each evening depending on your daily schedule. I know many of you would say that you could go to the buffet anytime you want but we prefer to have dinner in the dining room rather than fight through hoards of people at the buffet. It is not very relaxing. We do eat there sometimes too, don't get me wrong, we are not buffet snobs but as we rarely eat out at home due to our work commitments, it is nice to go to a restaurant and have wonderful service and be looked after.....what do you all think?

Today we explored the ship some more. The refurbished atrium was nice with the International Cafe...I will get some photos of it and post them over the next few days. I bought a coffee card. You get 15 espresso based coffees for $35 which is a saving of about 50c each. We also get free hot chocolates! That is good as Trevor (my husband) normally gets those, a big saving for us.
Interestingly I had read on the Princess website that they has created a 'dedicated' space for the Sterling Streakhouse or at least that is how I read it. Not true. They still section off part of the buffet to create the Steakhouse at night. No difference in the meals regardless we had a great meal but I was expecting something else based on what I had read.
Tonight is formal night so we might get dressed up and get some pictures taken.

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