Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sun Princess Kids Club Review by 9 year old Michael

Hi my name is Michael I'm 9 years old and I will tell you about the kids club on the sun princess. On a normal day they have craft, video games, games, competitions, movies, free time and on formal night they even have kids dinner!!!!
As soon as you get in you have to wash your hands and take your shoes off then you just get to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Michael signing out!!!!! :) ;) 
Here are some photos.....

The video game screens....

Arts and crafts displays.....

Work tables...

Examples of the arts and crafts made.....

The movie theatre.....

Movie nights are really popular and ice cream parties are great too. In addition to Michael's comments above, Michael participated in Movies Under the Stars where they took the kids to the pool deck to watch a kids movie under the stars on the big screen! They had blankets and served popcorn, the kids really loved it.
They were also allowed to play wii games  on the giant screen too. Imagine how awesome that was! 
Tonight the kids club is being converted I to a kids disco!

Kids club on Sun Princess  hours are:

On port days they do not close for lunch.


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