Friday, October 4, 2013

At sea day - 4 October 2013

Today we are at sea after having left Indonesia last night. We have two sea days before we arrive on Broome.
Today we also had to go through a customs and immigration check on the ship. I assume customs officers boarded the ship this morning at sea. They are here all day and have to check passports and incoming passenger immigration cards fir every passenger. To avoid chaos, people were given different times to attend the lounge where the check was being conducted. We assumed they did this on the ship today rather than when we arrive in Broome as there may not be suitable facilities in Broome to check a few thousand people.
This afternoon I went for a long walk around the deck and took my music with me so it was very relaxing to walk around listening to my favourite music and watching the ocean.....

Tonight is international night in the dining room with a menu full of dishes from around the world.
I hope to check out the on board shops tonight for a new handbag. They have Guess, Coach, Ralph Lauren, DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger.

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